College Background

Universal College of Africa (UCA) is a training institution that provides tertiary education with dynamism and a touch of excellence. As an institution dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and learning, UCA intends to provide an unequaled training in all courses that will serve the students for a lifetime, advance the frontiers of knowledge to the betterment of all humankind, and meet the needs of her wider community. Guided by her mission UCA is committed to delivering quality and practical education throughout the country and Africa as a whole.

UCA believes the success of any country lies in the dissemination of knowledge. We also believe that the young people of any country are the backbone of success for any nation. Therefore, giving quality education that brings out professionals from the young people is the goal of UCA. We take pride in providing excellent and quality services in order to flood the market with worthy and knowledgeable professionals who meet the needs of the dynamism of the modern labor market in Tanzania and the world.

We aspire to inspire excellence not only in the classroom but in all spheres of life.