A word from the Administrator/Dean Of Students

As our motto says, the primary goal of CANRE is to “inspire excellence” in our students and indeed our staff as well. CANRE defines “excellence” as “brilliance and superiority that brings quality”. We aspire to deliver services to our students that will not only help them in the course of their working but also in their lives. Our dream is to instill the right attitudes and mental focus that tells our students to reject the forces that tells them they cannot and believe their lives are in their hands and they have all it takes to be the best they can be.

We firmly believe as CANRE everyone is gifted uniquely and thus everyone can be a solution to someone else. Therefore, we encourage our students to work as a team in groups to understand and appreciate the contribution of each other. Our society as a college is as dynamic and vibrant as the nation is. We have people from all walks of life, races, religions and ages. We train them to live together as one, work together, appreciate their individual differences and learn to accommodate them.

CANRE believes no one is born a failure and if the right rules and methods and strategies are applied, everyone can be a success at what they do. In this regard, we give our students opportunities to showcase their talents through our college where they can showcase their gifts to the whole world.

CANRE is the place to be to “inspire excellence”.