CANRE College Life

CANRE has had a long and lustrous journey as a center of academic excellence. This was the primary goal of establishing the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Tanzania is rich in culture, vast land, and mineral resources but most importantly, this nation is blessed to have a competitive and vibrant youth with immense talents and gifts. The vibrancy and talent of the youth is well harnessed by a system of education that is all around. This is why CANRE was established.

Over the years, since its establishment, CANRE has produced able work force in the Tanzanian market and out of Tanzania. Our students have been agents of change in the various positions they have held.

CANRE prides itself in employing qualified lecturers who are well aware of what the market demands. This enables them to prepare the students for the workplace.

In the quest for equality and chance, CANRE, has over the years sponsored students from needy families and the physically challenged achieve their dream of higher education. This sponsorship program has seen a number of students who would otherwise have been left without education get a chance to accomplish their life’s goals.

Integrity, team work, passion, excellence and determination remain CANRE’s strong pillars of operation. We firmly embrace them and have become the lifeblood of the college. We understand the need of the market place and we know what to do to prepare you for the market place. Choose CANRE today and fulfill your dreams of a better education.